22″ Micro-Fiber Mat Mop

The Quick and Easy Way to Keep Your Mats Looking Like New


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Zebra’s 22 Micro-Fiber Mat Mop is the fastest, easiest way to clean your gym after every training session. This bucketless, two-in-one mop acts as a dry sweeper and wet mop. Its “smooth slide” feature allows the mop to easily glide over surfacespicking up dirt and grime and applying cleaner as you go. Lightweight and durable, Zebra’s Micro-Fiber Mat Mop is safe to use on all Zebra Mats and Rolled Rubber Flooring, ceramic and slate tiles, and wood or polished stone floors. Stop switching between different cleaning tools and start using this all-in-one floor cleaner today! 


  • Fast: mop 1000 sq. ft. in less than 5 minutes!

  • Efficient: mop 3000 sq. ft. with only 30 oz. of floor cleaner/water mixture (90% less than conventional mopping)! 

  • Economical: last 3-5x longer than other dusterswet mops, and microfiber mops! 

  • Easy: ready to use out of the box! 

Features & Specs

  • Washable mop heads can be laundered and reused up to 200 times before replacement is recommended 
  • Ultra fine micro-fiber mop heads contain lint-free, positively charged fibers that attract negatively charged dust and dirttrapping them in thousands of microscopic channels 
  • Cleans and dries 5x faster than traditional mops, reducing the risks of slips and falls 
  • Pressurized tank uses up to 70% less water and cleaner and applies only uncontaminated cleaning solution to surfaces 
  • Weighs less then 5 lbs. 
  • Microfibers hold six times their own weight in fluid, eliminating the need for wringing into buckets 
  • 22” wide mop heads are 3x more productive than conventional string mops 
  • Mop heads are quick and easy to change without dripping water 
  • Safe and environmentally friendly 


Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

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