6″ Zebra Landing Mat

Extra Padding for Extra Protection



Whether you call them throw mats, skill cushions, or crash pads, the purpose of every Zebra Athletics Landing Mat is the same, to provide the highest possible amount of protection so that all types of athletes and competitors can train with confidence.

Zebra landing mats come in a wide range of thicknesses, each of which is available in either a folding or non-folding model so that you can precisely meet the needs of your martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course or ninja warrior training facility and students. All variations feature an extremely durable vinyl cover complete with breather mesh sidewalls to provide controlled air venting on impact.

Additionally, each mat comes complete with strong nylon-webbing handles for quick and easy placement and also features a 50 ILD polyurethane foam core engineered to be the ultimate balance between protection and durability.

Please allow at least 3 weeks for product to ship. 

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