Home Gym Grappling (1.5-inch Zebra Mats) Spaces



The Home Gym Grappling Space is a great starter pack for you to keep your training going in your own home and the perfect start to building the home gym of your dreams.! Our Grappling setup is built with our 1.5″ tatami mat; the tatami texture provides great grip under bare feet, though it may leave you with some mat burn when practicing without a Gi. This mat is a half inch thicker than our combo mat, which makes it great for grappling arts where takedowns are much more prevalent, but it uses the same density, so it is still firm enough for stand-up striking arts.

Multiple Zebra 1.5″ inch tatami mats can be arranged to create the perfect training space for any home. Several different color options also allow you to customize your mats to fit your space and design.

Features & Specs

Each mat measures 2 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 78.75″) or about 21.5 square feet


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