Zebra 2 inch matsZebra 2 inch mats

Lightly Used 2″ Zebra Mats

Lightly Used & Heavily Discounted Martial Arts Mats & Fitness Flooring

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If you’re looking to be extra budget conscious, Lightly Used Zebra Mats are the perfect solution for you! These are mats that have been lightly used at a single, or limited number of events. This means they are no longer considered new, but are like-new and therefore sold at a discount. They also come with a FULL 10-Year Warranty!

Important Note: Some Lightly Used Mats will show light use marks or soiling, however we will NOT include damaged tiles from an event in an event order.

We have also included a less expensive option with our NON-WARRANTY 2 inch Zebra Mats. These mats are as-is and may have light use marks, damaged seams, small tears, etc. Non-Warranty tiles are NOT RETURNABLE and are NOT under warranty!


Here are the basics of the 2in Zebra Mat:

Quality, durability, and trustworthiness are the three most common reasons our customers give for why they have made Zebra Mats the international mat standard for martial arts and fitness facilities of all sizes.

Featuring the ultimate protection from high falls, slams, and throws the 2in thick Zebra Mat is the undisputed champion of mats. At 2in thick each mat is firm enough for stand-up martial arts while the need for subflooring is minimal, if not eliminated. This mat is especially popular among professional MMA and combat sports training centers, Jiu-Jitsu academies, and striking arts schools that incorporate grappling into their curriculum, as well as Law Enforcement training centers.

At both the 1.5in and 2in thicknesses Zebra Mats are available with either a traditional tatami surface (rice straw textured), or a smooth surface. Both surface options provide secure footing for kicking techniques and help to prevent stumbling or slipping during throwing techniques.

Tatami surfaced Zebra Mats are denser, or slightly firmer, than the smooth, while providing the highest level of surface grip, allowing for fast movement. The density of tatami surfaced Zebra Mats is 14 lbs. per cu. ft.

Smooth surfaced Zebra Mats are less dense, or a bit softer, than the tatami, while the smooth surface helps prevent mat burns. The density of smooth surface, 1.5in and 2in Zebra Mats is 12.5 lbs. per cu. ft.

Regardless of thickness, the center of every Zebra Mat is a 100% recycled, multi-density, open-cell foam held together with a proprietary adhesive process that allows us to confidently offer a 15-year product life expectancy alongside the Zebra Mats 10-year warranty.

Because the foam is open-cell, it is also completely climate stable – meaning your mats will not expand or contract with changes in temperature, additionally they reduce noise pollution, and act as an insulator which can reduce utility costs.

On the exterior, every Zebra Mat is surfaced and edged with a reinforced, closed-cell vinyl that is internationally certified as phthalate free, and has received an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent the growth of microorganisms. The corners are hand-finished to ensure a moisture-proof seam at each, and the underside is completed by a natural rubber anti-skid surface for added stability.

Installation of Zebra Mats is highly accessible to the DIYer, it requires no special tools, chemicals, or adhesives.

Each mat measures 2 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 78.75″) or about 21.5 square feet. Tatami mats weigh 56.53lbs, and smooth mats weigh 51.76lbs.

Features & Specs

Each mat measures 2 meters x 1 meter (39.375″ x 78.75″) or about 21.5 square feet. Tatami mats weigh 56.53lbs, and smooth mats weigh 51.76lbs.

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.