Zebra Outlet Event Combo Mats 1″


Zebra Outlet Event Combo Mats 1″

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Non-warrantied and sold as-is. Mats are not returnable. SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE.

The Zebra 1″ Combo Mat is great for those who combine Striking Arts and Grappling. It was specifically developed by Zebra for stand-up martial arts training, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Kung-Fu.

The Combo Mat utilizes the same multiple foam density technology as the Zebra Grappling Mat, but in a 1″ thickness. It provides a firmer surface for kicks and spins, yet still provides enough shock absorption for limited takedowns and grappling. It’s covered in tatami-style textured vinyl and features an anti-skid bottom for stability.

Tournament mats have been used at a tournament.



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