Zebra Outlet Grappling Mats (LOGO)


Zebra Outlet Grappling Mats (LOGO)

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At Zebra, it’s our mission to provide the best products for martial arts, fitness, and yoga facilities.  One way we’re doing this is by providing outlet lots of high-quality flooring solutions that allow facilities to equip their athletes and students with the best possible experience at limited time only, clearance price!

One of these solutions is the Zebra 1.5” Grappling Mat.

The Zebra 1.5” Grappling Mat is the premier mat for traditional martial arts training centers.

The Grappling Mat utilizes a multiple foam density technology that provides the ultimate shock absorption and impact protection for throws and takedowns. Its firm, tatami-textured vinyl surface allows for fast movement while providing sure footing for superior performance for all stand-up martial arts. Plus, they also feature an anti-skid bottom for added stability when training.

This all-purpose mat comes in six color options to allow for added flexibility and creativity when laying them out in your space.

Recommended for Judo, Hapkido, and Aikido Dojos, Jiu-Jitsu academies, Law Enforcement training centers, and Striking Arts schools that incorporate grappling into their curriculum.

Mats have the Kenpo 5.0 logo.



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