Zebra Outlet Puzzle Mats

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Zebra Outlet Puzzle Mats

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Perfect for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and the Striking Arts!


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Product Description

At Zebra, it’s our mission to provide the best products for martial arts, fitness, and yoga facilities.  One way we’re doing this is by providing outlet lots of high-quality flooring solutions that allow facilities to equip their athletes and students with the best possible experience at limited time only, clearance price!

One of these solutions is the Zebra Puzzle Mat.

This mat is designed specifically for Karate, Tae Kwon Do and the Striking Arts. The Zebra Puzzle Mat, part of Zebra’s inter-locking mat system, is a quick and easy solution. It is made of a 6lb density EVA foam in a 40″ x 40″ interlocking tile dimension, and is completely waterproof.  Each mat is double-sided (reversible with double color).  The interlocking seams are very tight and will virtually disappear once installed.


Condition Descriptions

Outlet Term Definitions:

  • Prototypes – Being an innovator requires a lot of experimentation, and as a result we occasionally have some products that have made it to the prototype stage, but ultimately weren’t added to the Zebra product mix. Rather than letting these products collect dust in the corner of the warehouse, we make them available for sale once we are through with them. These products are sold as is and are not covered by Zebra’s warranty.
  • Rejects – Zebra’s high standards for quality means that not all products will meet our expectations for a specific application. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit your needs. Rejects can range from new product that didn’t meet size requirements to heavily used warranty returns; therefore check the individual product description for details including warranty coverage.
  • Overruns/Custom –Zebra sells hundreds of customized products every year and occasionally we end up with product overruns or customized product for an order that fell through. Given their custom nature, they are difficult to sell, so we offer them here for you at a discounted price. These products include Zebra’s warranty unless stated otherwise in the individual product description.
  • Damaged – Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and when that happens the Zebra Customer Support team does everything possible to minimize the impact to our customers. This occasionally leaves us with damaged product that that we cannot sell as new and cannot warranty, but we know there are applications where a damaged mat will work just fine. Generally, product labeled as Damaged has dents, punctures or scrapes, but could still be perfectly suitable in the right situation.
  • Used – Zebra sponsors a number of tournaments throughout the year and often provides the mats for these events. When the events are over, we obviously cannot sell the product as new, but we know there is a great market for gently used mats. Used products usually have less than 2 weeks of use and besides possibly needing a little cleaning, are in excellent condition for a long life in your facility. Zebra ‘s Warranty is included on used products unless noted otherwise in the individual product description.
  • Overstock –Like most business, here at Zebra we have to order products based on forecasted demand, and occasionally we get it wrong. Now, you have the opportunity to benefit from our mistakes by purchasing the same quality Zebra products at discounted prices so we don’t have to be reminded of these mistakes every time we walk the warehouse. All overstock items are covered under Zebra’s warranty.
  • Discontinued – Part of being an innovative company means constantly bringing new products to the market or improving on our existing products. Of course, sometimes a new product isn’t as well received as we envisioned or we cannot sell out of all of our old stock before we have to move on to the new version. These discontinued colors, models or products are available at a great price and include Zebra’s warranty unless stated otherwise.


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