Punch King Wall Mounted Striking System



Have a training facility or home gym with limited space? The Punch King Wall Mounted Striking System provides the same benefits as the revolutionary Punch King Heavy Bag in a smaller, lighter, and easy-to-install package. The Punch King Wall Mounted Striking System comes with a custom mounting system that makes it easy to install the training bag to any wall in your home or facility. Bags can also be mounted on certain support columns, poles, beams, etc. These training bags feature all the benefits of Punch King Bag(including the patented design that includes highlighted target areas for precision strikingall in a smaller, space-saving design. 

Punch King Wall Mounted Striking System are Manufactured for the Rigors of Gym Training or Home Use

  • 4 bags in one! Eliminate the need for most other training bags 
  • Perform any type of strike on a single bag 
  • Made from an extremely durable synthetic leather shell 
  • Shredded polyfiber packing makes for a comfortable striking surface 
  • Balanced center weight and interior foam rubber lining keeps the bag’s shape and alleviates settling 
  • Ultra-strong nylon-reinforced seams 
  • Easy installation to walls or support poles, columns, etc. 
  • Weighs less than 40 lbs. 
  • 4’ and 6’ options 

The New “Standard” for Bag Training

The problem with standard heavy bags is they do not present specific “targets” for different types of strikes. Every strike lands on the bag the same way, often glancing off the side of the bag. Punch King Wall Mounted Striking Systems reinvent the way you train by presenting you with an opponent to strike at, allowing you to visualize what you are hitting and keep your mind focused while training.   

The top section of the Punch King Wall Mounted Striking System is designed to resemble the head of a person, allowing you to practice jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts as if you are striking a real target. The lower section of the bag is designed to resemble the midsection/groin of a person, allowing you to finetune your body shots, knees, and kicks. 

Punch King Wall Mounted Striking Systems are the revolutionary way for anyone to improve the timing and accuracy of their striking arts. Whether you are a professional fighter, learning self-defense techniques, or are just looking for a better cardio kickboxing bag, these bags are the best way to train. 

Features & Specs

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 to be expected.

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