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Support Zebra athlete and veteran MMA and Muay Thai fighter Kaitlin Young with your purchase of her her custom-designed ‘Striking Viking’ shirt.

Supporting Kaitlin also means supporting her passion for the health and wellness of animals, and so a portion of each purchase goes to support the mission of Crossroads Dingo Rescue.

Crossroads Dingo Rescue became close to Kaitlin’s heart when she fought in Australia in early 2019. Kaitlin was able to visit the sanctuary and spend time with both the dingos and the devoted volunteers who take care of these animals. Kaitlin’s next fight is on June 7th for Invicta FC – show your support for Kaitlin and her cause by purchasing one of her ‘Striking Viking’ shirts.


Crossroads Dingo Rescue

While the dingo itself is now classified as a breed of its own, Ann and Warren should also be classified as their own breed. They have opened not just their property (just south of Perth, Western Australia), but their house, bed, dining table, and couch, to many abandoned dingoes who have found themselves without a home and family. Often these dingoes are purchased, adopted or bred by well-meaning owners, thinking that they will have an animal who looks like the Australian native but behaves like a regular dog. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and these cunning and curious creatures more often than not find themselves looking for a new home.

Sadly too, Ann has often collected these sad souls in terrible conditions, both physically and mentally. But with love, patience, and a really great vet, many of her “kids” have bounced back to being healthy and happy dingoes again.

While Ann and Warren would like to adopt every dingo that is brought to them, unfortunately, they’re just not capable of taking in the endless number of discarded pets who are looking for new homes. Also, while Ann and Warren would like to be able to find new homes for many of their “kids”, they are also extremely aware that these animals have already come from very difficult situations, and they require a special amount of care and attention. Therefore, Ann is very particular about who gets to adopt any of her kids, requiring that every new parent has prior dingo experience, a suitable home, and is willing to be approved by not just Ann, but by the dingo. Ann says, “if the dingo doesn’t like you … I can’t force it to go with you.”


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Shirts are a blend of 60% cotton, 40% polyester, resulting in a soft, vintage feel.


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