Zebra Freestanding Bag Rack

Floor-Mounted Single Heavy Bag Training


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The Zebra Free Standing Bag Rack is a professional grade heavy bag station for your gym that is built to withstand big kicks and hard hits.

With a powder-coated, 4in x 4in industrial steel frame supporting bags up to 300 lbs., this unit is perfect for facilities of all sizes.

As a floor mounted rack, it is also especially well-suited for gyms and studios that cannot mount bag racks to the walls. It’s 12in x 12in base comes with anchors to mount it directly into concrete subfloors, leaving the function and finish of your walls and ceilings protected while also minimizing use related noise.

Note: We know this will be a great addition to your space and training, however it is not currently offered online. Call us (800-989-8085) or email Sales@ZebraAthletics.com for pricing, lead-time and customization information or to place your order. Heavy bag NOT included.

Features & Specs

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

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Machida Karate

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