Zebra Gym Scrubber


Zebra Gym Scrubber


The Best Way to Clean Your Mats – Guaranteed

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Product Description

The Zebra Gym Scrubber professionally vacuums, scrubs, mops and disinfects your entire gym all in one seamless operation. This machine can be used on all areas of your gym; including your mat area, weight room flooring, tile, walkways, and bathrooms.

The scrubber gets deep into the tatami texture to get dirt and grime out. For MMA Mats, we recommend purchasing the Micro Fiber Pad to avoid scuffing the vinyl.

Your mats will look like new every time you clean them. The Zebra Gym Scrubber comes standard with a bristle pad, which is great for all types of floors. Add the Micro-Fiber Pad with your order to give your mats a deeper clean!

Note: We do not recommend utilizing this scrubber on Puzzle Mats.



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