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Zebra Mat Backpack Vacuum

Simply the Best Way to Vacuum Your Mats


SKU: ZCM-1200


The Zebra Mat Backpack Vacuum makes it easy to clean areas with limited space and hard-to-reach spots, to full facilities and everything in between! Ergonomically designed and complimented by an adjustable shoulder harness, the light weight of this product makes it especially versatile. With over 2,000 hours of motor life (double the industry standard) and a
patented tank that never loses suction; this unit is built to last. The Zebra Mat Backpack Vacuum ships FREE!!

Backpack Vacuums
With over 2,000 hours of motor life (double the industry standard) and a
patented tank that never loses suction; these units are built to last.
RSV 130 and RSV 200
Key Features
• At only 10.8 pounds, the RSV 130 is among the lightest full-size backpacks
on the market
• Larger capacity RSV 200 weighs in at only 12 pounds
• Adjustable back support and waist and shoulder straps are designed to
minimize operator fatigue
• Patented tank design ensures suction is never lost regardless of how full
the bag is
• High performance 680 watt vacuum motor with 2,000 + hours of life –
over double the industry standard
• Industry leading 5 year commercial motor warranty
• Consume 43% less energy than competitors’ 1200 watt units – the most
sustainable vacuums on the market
• Soil recovery is an industry leading 84%, prolonging your carpet’s life and
improving IAQ
• Noise levels of 52 dB(A) won’t disrupt building occupants and are
excellent for daytime cleaning
• Power switch is conveniently located on a short cord that stores on the belt
• Specially designed floor tools support “back and forth” or “side to side”
• 99.97% efficiency improves indoor air quality and reduces dust
• Hose swivel fittings ensure tangle-free operation
• Both units come with thermal protection for operator safety
• Units meet or exceed LEED-EBOM and CIMS-GB and are CRI approved

Note: We recommend that, whenever possible, mats should be vacuumed before they are mopped.

Features & Specs

Corded Backpack Vacuum
10.8 lbs, 1.5 Gallon Tank
42′ cord length, 5′ Hose Length
0.9 HP motor, 52 DB(A)

Motor / Life 680 W, 1 stage, 2,000+ hours
Water Lift 100″
Airflow 120 cfm
Capacity 1.5 gal. / 2.5 gal.
Filtration* 0.3 micron @ 99.97% efficiency
Soil Recovery 84%
Weight 10.8 lb /12 lb
Power Cord 42′
Noise Level 52 dB(A)
Tank Construction Polypropylene
Working Capacity 7,400 sq. ft. / hr.

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