Mineral Deposit CleanerMineral Deposit Cleaner

Zebra Mineral Deposit Cleaner

The Solution for Removing Mineral Deposits from Flooring

SKU: Z905


Zebra Mineral Deposit Cleaner keeps your Zebra Mats and Tiles clean and looking new by quickly breaking down and cleaning-up mineral deposits left from sweat. Safe on any washable surface, Bufferall is a mild acid cleaner for use as a neutralizer/salt winter rinse, carpet spotting from tannin-based stains (coffee and tea) and post spray for browning and yellowing of carpets. Use Bufferall on resilient floors before refinishing to neutralize and remove residual alkalies that remain on floors after stripping. Always rinse Bufferall with clear water.

Dilute 1 oz. per 1 gallon water for neutralizing

Removes any residue on floors after stripping

Removes mineral/lime deposits from bathroom fixtures

Safe on any washable surface

Always rinse with clear water

EcoLogo certified — reduced environmental impact from an overall lifecycle standpoint.

Green Seal certified — reduced environmental impact from an overall lifecycle standpoint.


Available in multiple sizes to support all levels of training and practice spaces.

Features & Specs

Item # 400296
Manufacturer # RCM12010427
color Clear
container weight 128 oz
antibacterial No
form Liquid
Hypoallergenic No
recommended surfaces Carpet
Disinfectant No
brand name RMC
Eco Label Standard EcoLogo; Green Seal
Product Type All-Purpose Cleaner


Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

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