zebra pole pads in gymzebra pole pads in gym

Zebra Pole Pads

Put Safety First with Pole Pads

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Zebra Pole Pads are the safest way to cover up dangerous poles, I-beams, columns, and any other support architecture in your training facility. Whether you practice martial arts, MMA, or any type of fitness, your student will train with confidence knowing your facility provides wall-to-wall safety throughout your entire gym.

Every Zebra Pole Pad is constructed of a cushioned polyurethane foam wrapped in durable and fire-resistant 14oz vinyl. They are easy to install, simple to clean, and easy to maintain. They are customizable—can feature your logo and other graphics—and come in a variety of colors to match any facility design.

Standard Zebra Pole Pads are 16” diameter x 72” tall. To measure for custom pole pad sizes, simply divide the circumference of your pole by 3.14 (pi) to determine the diameter. Call us (800-989-8085) or email Sales@ZebraAthletics.com for pricing, lead-time, and customization information, or to place your order.

Pole and Column Pads that Provide Superior Protection & Durability

At the center of every Zebra Pole Pad is a high-quality polyurethane foam that provides maximum protection upon impact. Your students will continue to train with confidence knowing they are protected from accidental and incidental collisions with poles, I-beams, columns, and any other support architecture in your building.

Zebra Pole Pads Provide:

  • Greater comfort and fewer injuries due to superior shock absorption.
  • Greater durability and lifespan: the foam will not easily flatten or breakdown over time.
  • Sound absorption: experience less noise pollution and quieter training.

Waterproof & Easy-to-Clean Pole Pads

On the exterior, every Zebra Pole Pad is surfaced and edged with a reinforced closed-cell vinyl that is durable, waterproof, and fire resistant. It’s also easy to clean with a variety of different types of disinfectants and mineral deposit cleaners.

  • What makes our vinyl covering different than any other?
  • Durability: our covering will not easily tear, wear down, or be punctured, significantly extending the life of your pole and column padding.
  • Antimicrobial: every Zebra Pole Pad receives antimicrobial treatment to help prevent the growth of microorganisms.
  • Waterproof: all corners are hand-finished to ensure a moisture-proof seam that prevents sweat, water, and cleaners from penetrating the cover and ruining the interior foam core.

Color Options To Match Any Space

Zebra Gray
Zebra Red
Champion Blue

Secure Attachment & Easy Installation

Zebra Pole Pads are easy to mount and secure into place. With proper installation, they are guaranteed to stay in place and continue to provide maximum protection to your facility for years! Pole pads easily wrap around poles, attaching securely to the structure using hook and loop fasteners and providing the maximum amount of pressure with the least amount of installation effort!

Features & Specs

Features & Specs

Pole Pads are 16” diameter x 72” tall

Accommodate poles up to 8” in diameter, or 8” square columns

100% recycled, multi-density, open-cell foam core

Closed-cell vinyl covering that is internationally certified as phthalate free

Custom pole pad sizes, colors, and logo treatments available (please call for pricing and to order)

Production variance no greater than 5 mm or 3/16” to be expected

Please Note: To keep shipping costs down, the pole pad foam is cut into two sections. Each pole pad comes with two foam pieces and vinyl wrap that fastens around the foam via a hook and loop fastening system. If you wish for your pole pad to be delivered as a single piece of foam, please speak with your sales consultant. Additional shipping charges will apply.

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