Zebra Single Bag Rack

Single Heavy Bag Training



The Zebra Single Bag Rack is the most versatile, durable, and easy to install bag rack system on the market. This bag rack system offers two options for any home or facility to set up a heavy bag training space regardless of the layout of their facility.

Two mounting options (floor and wall) allow for this bag rack to be installed in any area of any home or facility, and the secure mounting hardware ensure that the system stays in place while you train.

Our floor mounted rack is especially well-suited for gyms and studios that cannot mount bag racks to the walls. Its 12in x 12in base is mounted directly into concrete subfloors, leaving the function and finish of your walls and ceilings protected while also minimizing use related noise.

Our wall mounted rack is perfect for gyms that require more or versatile floor space. Our wall base is built to withstand punches and kicks while keeping your floor free of steel posts.

The Zebra Single Bag Rack  is the simplest, most customizable way to create your heavy bag training space.

Note: Not for use with steel studs. Mounting hardware and heavy bag NOT included.

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