zebra trimount pullup bar in gymzebra trimount pullup bar in gym

Zebra Tri-Mount Pull-Up Bar

Increase the Functionality of Your Zebra Trolley or L-Mount Bag Rack


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The Zebra Tri-Mount Pull-up Bar is the perfect addition to your Zebra L-Mount Bag Rack or Trolley Racks that are 9ft or taller! This sturdy bar system allows you to choose from 3 different mounting positions so that your equipment will support kids and adults across a wide range of heights and abilities.

Pull-ups, chin-ups, TRX, bands, and other suspension work is available from each of the three mounting positions.

Note: This product does NOT wall mount, please call us (800-989-8085) or email Sales@ZebraAthletics.com for information regarding wall-mounted options.

Features & Specs

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

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