How to Properly Manage Your Trainers

How are you managing your staff, specifically your trainers and instructors?

It is important that you don’t rely too much on one top-notch trainer. Any service-oriented business runs the risk of relying too much on the personality or skills of one person. It might be a restaurant with a strong head chef, it could be a church with a dynamic minister, or it could be your gym with one top trainer. You need to rely on ALL of your trainers.

Connect Students with All of Your Trainers

You need to create a “training curriculum blueprint” that records the training techniques that makes your gym special. The plan needs to include fight and fitness training moves broken down in detail. It should include the specifics of counter techniques and the methods of movement analysis you use to train your students. It should also include how you want your trainers to interact with the students. You want all of your trainers on the same page so that your students are getting “your” expertise, no matter which trainer they are with.

Create Uniformity in Your Program

This “train the trainers” blueprint is critical to delivering consistent and quality service for your customers. You can’t have different trainers in your gym saying, “Well, here is how I like to do that move.” You might have three or four trainers working with a variety of students each month and it’s critical that these students receive a consistent training experience. Trainers who like to do things “their way” might be excellent at what they do, but they will likely end up leaving because they never buy into your philosophy.

Share Your Success

The final part of your blueprint should be about sharing your success with the trainers. Present your trainers with your blueprint and get their buy-in. Give them incentives to help your business grow. Trainers are competitive and they want to grow and win, too. If they don’t find an opportunity in your gym, they will move on. Part of the consistency in your business is not only making sure your trainers use consistent training methods, but also that they stay and grow with you as well.

Good trainers will have a lot of opportunities, so make sure they want to stay with you!