Revitalize Your Gym Membership for Spring

Spring is all about new beginnings and new energy, making it the perfect time to revitalize your gym. Spring offers several opportunities to grow your membership, put your best gym foot forward and continue to have a great year. 

Here are a few ways you can revitalize your gym membership this spring season. 


The grind of the holidays and hectic start of the new year often cause a lag in membership. Spring is a great time to reach out to members who haven’t been seen in a few months. Extra sunshine, melting snow, and warmer temperatures bring a new energy and motivation to the air, making it a great time to encourage old members to come back. It’s also a great time to make put ithe extra effort by marketing your gym to new members who may be looking for something fresh and different in their active lifestyle. 


Winter has a way of accumulating dust, grime, and more in the corners of most gyms and houses. We often find ourselves slogging through the days at the end of winter, and the bright sunshine of spring revitalizes us to clean out those dusty corners. This is the perfect time for a deep spring cleaning. Lift your martial arts mats and clean underneath, scrub your gym flooring and fitness equipmentsort out the lost and found, vacuum under the bleachers, etc. 


New season, new programs. This is the perfect time to add additions to your gym, whether that’s starting a kids’ program, adding fitness classes and heavy bags, or expanding your mat space, now is the time to revitalize your gym and make it a better place for all your students.


Need new equipment? Spring is the perfect time to invest in transforming your facility! Contact Zebra for a quote on everything you need.