Shopping for a Heavy Bag? Make Sure it Has These Features

Bag training is one of the cornerstones of any boxing or striking training regimen, and heavy bags are the quintessential piece of equipment for bag training. These types of training bags can withstand anything you throw at them, from punches to kicks, elbows, and so much more. 

You know you need a heavy bag for training, but which one? Not every heavy bag is designed and manufactured the same. You can buy something cheap, but it won’t last. You can buy the most expensive bag on the market, but you may be wasting your money on something you don’t need (plus it may just be overpriced anyway). It’s important to know what you should be looking for in a heavy bag before you make your final decision on which one to purchase. 

If you’re in the marketing for a training bag and know that a heavy bag is right for you, these are the things you should be looking for. 

The Right Type of Heavy Bag Filling

The filling makes up most of what a heavy bag is. It defines how the bag swings, how long it lasts, and how it recovers from a hit. It also determines what you feel when you strike it. A heavy bag filled with the wrong type of filling will not swing how you want it to, it will not feel good on your hand and wrist when you hit it, and it will eventually become lumpy and worn down after hours of use.  

Avoid heavy bags that are filled with sawdust or sand. Instead, look for heavy bags that are filled with a hybrid material, like rubbers and textiles. These materials create an evenly stuffed punching bag that is comfortable on the hands and durable enough to withstand continued punishment. Heavy bags filled with these types of materials will not sag or compress, nor will the material settle on the bottom of the bag (provided it is stuffed evenly and properly). 

A Reinforced Heavy Bag Exterior

The exterior of a heavy bag needs to be three things: durable, water resistant, and easy on the hands. Heavy bags take a lot of punishment, so you want to look for ones made from a durable vinyl that can withstand hours upon hours of training. You also want the material to be closed cell, which means it will be waterproof. This will ensure that no sweat, water, or cleaning solutions penetrate the surface and cause the inner materials to grow mold. You want your heavy bag to be strong, easy on the hands, and easy to clean! 

Finally, make sure the stitching of the heavy bag is high quality. This is the place where most heavy bags break over time. If the stitching is of low quality, your training bag will rip after very little to moderate use. 

Easy Hanging or Mounting

What good is a heavy bag if it’s hard to set up in your home gym or training space? Good quality heavy bags can be easily mounted with a 4-point chain suspension or installed using various bag Racks or trolleys. 

How Heavy Should a Heavy Bag Be?

A good weight for a heavy bag should be around 100lbs. This weight of a bag should fit most adult athletes. If you have a child, a lighter bag might be more suitable for them. The heavier the bag, the less it will swing the harder it will be on your body when training. 

Need a quality heavy bag or anything else for your training? Trust the experts at Zebra to provide you with everything you need!