Show Your Stripes: Satori BJJ

Patrick Sheridan and his brother John run Satori HQ, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu facility located in Dublin, Ireland. They firmly believe that BJJ has something to offer everyone. Whether you are seeking championships, want to get in shape, or simply want to try something new, BJJ is the right discipline for you. Satori HQ’s classes are structured in a way that allow anyone of any experience and physical fitness level to get started.

Zebra Athletics worked with Satori to outfit their facility with the quality mats they needed to support training athletes of all levels. Their facility is a shining example that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy the quality of Zebra Mats.


“We wanted the highest standard of mat on the market, and we found it with Zebra.” 


We spoke with Patrick and John to learn more about their training philosophy at Satori HQ.

How did you get started with in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

My older brother started karate at a very young age and I was sent along with him. As we got older, we took an interest in MMA and Muay Thai, and while training MMA we developed a heavy interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Around 2011-2012 we took the leap and decided to take on BJJ fulltime.

My brother and I traveled the world competing and training and were always impressed by the gyms in America and Abu Dhabi. After renting a smaller space for some years, we were lucky to secure Ireland’s largest purpose-built BJJ facility in 2017 (8,500 square feet), outfitting it with seven training areas and a 3,000 square-foot strength and conditioning gym. We also made space for changing rooms, waiting rooms for parents, children’s play rooms, showers and toilets, and even free & secure parking and Wi-Fi.

What differentiates your facility and approach to training?

We take coaching very seriously here @SatoriHQ. All our coaches are qualified and hold third-level (college) coaching degrees and are current or former national & international champions in their disciplines — a lot of our coaches hold both. Traveling the world and getting competition experience as well as completing an honors degree in Sports Coaching & Business Management opens them up to a lot of knowledge and firsthand experiences that they can pass on to the Satori students. We do not have “jack of all trades” trainers; we have a specialist coach in all of our gym areas:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Olympic Wrestling
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Children, Teens, Adults, Special Populations
  • Female Self-Defense and Fitness

Why did you choose to outfit your gym with Zebra products? Which Zebra products do you have in your gym and what are some of your favorites?

Competing is important to us here at SatoriHQ. We feel the process of competing is what makes you, not the overall result. Having competed at the European and World championships, we noticed the surface was slightly different than the mats we had (jigsaw & judo mats). Guard passing and retention was different and we wanted to recreate this surface so that we, along with our students, would be familiar with the mat surface at the top level when it was time for competition. We had heard of Zebra mats and rolled on them, and Charlie at Zebra helped us out with the organization and order. He was willing to work with us on graphic design and detailing, which was refreshing and really sealed the deal for us.

We choose Zebra as we found their mat surface to be the closest to what we were looking for; we also know Zebra mats are long lasting, and we wanted a product that lasted. The colors and design weren’t a problem. We have black and red Zebra mats with the Zebra logo on the edge of each area. The mats are my favorite as they are easy to clean and look cool when laid out in our design. We get a lot of happy customers complimenting the mats after being on them.

Describe your experience working with the Zebra team?

Working with Zebra was really nice; I felt sometimes Charlie was doing more work for me than he should have. Our building plans changed after an initial order and Charlie quickly reconfigured the design and added mats to the order. He was just very helpful all around and I recommend him to anyone I can.

What advice would you give to other gym owners who are considering a re-design of their facility?

If you plan on staying in your facility for a long period of time and want a professional finish, Zebra Mats are the way to go. We also lift ours for our two annual tournaments and they haven’t shown any major wear and tear. They are still practically new. Customer service is very good and Zebra really cares about their customers. Their pricing was very fair when compared with the market at the time.

What’s next for you and your facility?

We have spent many hard years making our dreams a reality and we just want to keep living the dream – greatness takes time and we are working towards common goals. We want more national and international titles and to continue our smart world champion program on and off the mats.

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