Show Your Stripes: Vida Hot Yoga

Located in Kingsport, TN, Vida Hot Yoga seeks to provide a challenging, yet approachable, fitness experience and an environment that celebrates each individual for showing up and striving to improve their health and fitness.

Owners Ashley and Nate Davis reached out to Zebra Athletics for a hot yoga solution. Their studio utilizes Far Infrared Radiant Heat (FIR), a specialized heating method that facilitates recovery at a cellular level by increasing blood flow and delivery of oxygen deep into muscles and connective tissues, during their hot yoga classes. Because of the intense heat delivered, they were looking for a yoga flooring solution that would not buckle or warp after prolonged use.

Ashley and Nate shared their studio remodel experience with Zebra. See what they had to say about how they got started and what it was like working with our team!

How did you get started with yoga?

We created Vida Hot Yoga in 2017. We are fitness enthusiasts with many years in the health and fitness industry. We are both practicing Nurse Anesthetists with Doctorate level degrees in anesthesia practice. We also own and operate an anesthesia management company. Ashley also has 20 years of group exercise instruction experience and was a division one-college swimmer.

Around 2016 we were introduced to hot yoga and enjoyed it as another fitness modality to add to our overall fitness routine. Soon, we were extremely addicted to intensity, mental focus, and overall workout offered by a power yoga practice, and we decided to open Vida Hot Yoga in our hometown of Kingsport, TN. We wanted to create an original idea focused on the mind and body practice of yoga and that is grounded in true exercise science fitness principles. After opening our doors in August of 2017, Vida has seen phenomenal growth and has had a positive response from the community. We have grown so rapidly that we are now a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school with 200-hour RYT trainings offered every year. We also expended into the empty building space adjacent to our original studio and added another studio room for non-heated yoga and Barre classes.

vida hot yoga zebra tiles

What differentiates your studio and approach to training?

Our signature class, Hot Power Yoga, fuses the meditative movements of vinyasa yoga with strength, balance, and alignment. Our music is loud, our flows are intense, and we intelligently sequence and design our classes so that you experience a full-body cardio and strength-building workout that also acts as a moving meditation to help clear your mind and promote stress relief.

Yoga is for everyone, so all of our classes are designed for everyone. We offer modifications and advancements in each and every class so that the Beginner and Advanced practitioner can practice simultaneously.

We combines the use of FIR with yoga classes to promote strength, balance, stamina, flexibility, enhanced proprioception and relaxation.

How did you get introduced to Zebra?

We encountered Zebra Athletics during our travels to other fitness facilities around the US.

Why did you choose to outfit your studio with Zebra products?

We view ourselves as the ultimate fitness consumers. We visit various fitness facilities all over the US. Zebra yoga tiles immediately stood out as exactly what we wanted for our yoga studio flooring. Other flooring options are a too hard or uncomfortable for a vigorous yoga practice that includes many arm balances and inversions. Zebra’s yoga flooring offered us the perfect balance. It’s a stable surface for balancing postures, and it’s a comfortable, durable, and easy-to-maintain surface that no other product could come close to matching.

Describe your experience working with the Zebra team?

It was wonderful! Starting a small business requiring a complete build out from the ground up is stressful enough. The Zebra team made yoga studio flooring a simple and easy process. Our hot yoga room is equipped with a state-of-the-art infrared heat, an energy return ventilation system, and a fully integrated humidification system. Getting the right flooring for this studio was paramount. Zebra took care of us and made sure we had exactly what we needed.

vida hot yoga zebra tiles

What advice would you give to other gym owners who are considering a re-design of their facility?

Do your research. Visit other facilities and see what you like and don’t like. If you see something you love, like Zebra flooring, ask the owner about it and find out how to get it in your facility.

What’s next for you and your facility?

We are very excited about our future. We continue to grow and add more trainings and classes. We are currently evaluating real estate options in two other large metropolitan areas for potential Vida Hot Yoga expansion. When we build our next studio, Zebra will be the flooring we choose.

Learn more about Vida Hot Yoga by visiting their website.