Show Your Stripes: Warrior Martial Arts Academy

Co-founded by Ian and Pamela Cohen, Warrior Martial Arts Academy is one of the top-rated mixed martial arts schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. With five locations and a team of world-class instructors, they offer a range of martial arts and MMA classes to children and adults of all experience levels.

Zebra outfitted all five of their facilities with Tatami-style mats, Muay Thai bags and custom wall pads complete with their wall pads. See the results of the project:

warrior martial arts zebra bags

How did you get started with (your martial arts discipline/s)?

I was always into physical fitness — even as a boy. I started boxing in college a bit, and then continued in martial arts (predominantly Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) because I wanted to get my 2 1/2-year-old son into martial arts. I wanted him to develop his self-confidence and discipline at an early age. I also wanted to stay fit and learn to defend myself.

What differentiates your facility and approach to training?

Warrior Martial Arts Academy facilities are designed by the best MMA gym interior designers and architects in the business. We are constantly refining our facility attributes and aesthetics. We have five Academies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and each one incorporates elemental components of our interior vision (reclaimed hardwoods, custom millwork, modern security, integrated presentation screens, bag racks designed by licensed professional engineers, extended mat space, etc.). We are looking to create the most effective and useful training space for the martial artists that train here.

How did you get introduced to Zebra?

Zebra is a very well-established brand in the martial arts mats industry. We actually looked quite a bit at the cost/benefit of a few mat and bag suppliers before finalizing our relationship with Zebra. Zebra’s combination of demonstrated quality, durability and fair pricing was what sold us in the end.

Why did you choose to outfit your gym with Zebra products? Which Zebra products do you have in your gym and what are some of your favorites?

We outfit all of the Warrior Martial Arts Academies with Zebra Tatami-style mats and Muay Thai bags. Again, we went with what we think is the best combination of quality and pricing, but we also considered customization, such as our logo on wall mats. We really like the long Muay Thai bags, as they can be used by both children and adults for beginner to expert training.

Describe your experience working with the Zebra team?

Working with the team was great. They were very responsive and they worked with us on a variety of custom elements unique to Warrior Martial Arts Academies, including a few iterations of our logo on our wall pads.

What advice would you give to other gym owners who are considering a re-design of their facility?

Try to create a unique flavor of your gym. At Warrior Martial Arts Academies, we are constantly working to refine the overall look and feel. We would like to communicate the rugged nature of martial arts in a modern, useful facility. We have Muay Thai experts, MMA fighters, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, amateur and pro boxing instructors, and wrestling specialists all on our instructor team. We want our customers to feel that they are training in a world-class gym that complements the world-class instruction that we are proud to provide.

What’s next for you and your facility?

We have a number of additional Warrior Martial Arts Academies that we are scheduled to open in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in other regions of the United States in the coming months. Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality, authentic MMA training and scale across the United States.

You can visit our website to learn more about us, or find us on Facebook.


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