Simple Steps Gym Owners Can Take to Keep Their Members Safe

As MMA and martial arts gyms reopen, facility owners are looking forward to a return to normalcy. But normalcy won’t look the same as it did before. Owners will be focused on keeping their students safe and healthy. That will take some changes and new strategies. Here are four simple steps you can take to keep your members safe.

#1: Limit Spectators

Keeping the number of people in your gym low and spread out across various classes will lower the chances of the spread of communicable diseases. Consider limiting spectators to kids classes only. Having additional classes can also help keep the number of participants and spectators at any one time low.  

#2: Keep Locker Room Usage Low

Consider temporarily closing locker rooms to limit member contact in enclosed areas. Ask students to come to class in their workout clothes or in clothes they can wear under their gis. Require students to refrain from using the locker room or limit the number of students that can be in there at any one time. 

#3: Close Water Fountains

Having multiple people’s mouths close to the same piece of equipment is simply not a good idea right now. Ask students to bring personal water bottles and let them know the water fountains are only for filling water bottles. 

#4: Require Personal Equipment

Most gyms keep gloves, shin pads, and other equipment for community usage among their members. It’s a good idea to ask members to bring their own equipment to use for training. Keep fitness equipment limited to pieces that only you can provide and are able to safely sanitize with proper gym cleaning products after each use. 


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