Spring Resolutions Bring in New Students

Springtime brings a renewed sense of vigor. Many people wake up thinking that they need to get in shape for the warm months. They know that winter has come and gone and it is time to get out and be active, and as people feel more inspired to hit the gym, you should resolve to attract those people to your facility!

Busy Season for Gyms

Losing weight and getting into shape become more popular starting around New Year’s Day and continuing through the spring. You know the big health clubs, fitness centers and local YMCAs are licking their chops this time of year, looking to increase their membership numbers. In order to keep up, you’ll need to step up your guerilla marketing efforts now to make sure you get your share of the “New Year’s Resolution” business.

Go for Referrals

Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are two of the most effective ways to attract new business. This is the best time of the year for your current students to refer a friend or colleague to your facility.

If you make this a big deal for one or two months, you’ll see that your most loyal students will find it easy to support. You can also offer extended months on their contract or gift certificates to local businesses as an incentive. You can even create a competition: each student who brings in at least one contract-signing referral before the end of the month gets entered into a drawing to win something special – a big screen TV or couple of round trip tickets to Las Vegas, etc. Hand out contest referral cards to all of your students. If you make it a big deal, so will your students.

Network with Local Businesses

This is also a great time to get out and market your services to local businesses. Create a special program, whether that be a special 3-month trial membership or a business partner membership at a monthly discount.

Take these to your neighboring businesses and your local Chamber of Commerce. Many companies utilize this timeframe to promote health and wellness to their employees. If you can get in and discuss your offerings with enough businesses, you should be able to find a few willing to promote your gym and encourage their employees to sign up.


Another opportunity is to cross-promote with other businesses in your area. Perhaps the local Harley-Davidson dealership or the local sports pub that carries all the pay-per view UFC fights will want to work with you. These are businesses that reach similar demographics.

You can try approaching them about working together during the late winter and early spring months. As an example, you could display a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the lobby of your facility and hand out business cards to any of your students interested in taking a demo ride. The Harley dealership could then set out a lead box at the dealership, offering their customers a one-month free membership or 3-month starter membership to your gym.

Take the Time to Market Your Gym

These are all just ideas. Some might work for you and some might not. But if you take the time now to promote your business, you can take advantage of the annual spring ritual. If you don’t, your competitor across town just might.

Spring is also a great time to give your gym a fresh new look. At Zebra, we carry all the latest Puzzle Mats, MMA equipment, martial arts equipment and more. Nothing attracts new business more than a professionally equipped gym or dojo.