Nicki Klein

VP of Growth


About Nicki

What’s your life story (in two sentences or less)?

Raised in North Dakota, I became a Minnesota transplant after attending the University of Minnesota Duluth. Outside of work I’m busy raising three girls, training jiu jitsu, and occasionally hiding in the closet with a box of Girl Scout cookies and glass of wine.

What makes you unique from the people you work with at Zebra?

I have the most decorated office at Zebra. It started with some pictures and progressed to an armchair, throw pillows, lamps, and a rug. My cowokers make fun of me because totally girly, But I maintain that you can love both a good D’arce choke and a succulent in a rose gold bowl.

What is your favorite part about working with Zebra’s customers?

I love the variety of customers we work with. And whether it’s a Tae Kwon Do studio, an MMA gym, or a fitness center, all of our customers are so passionate about their spaces that it’s fun to join in their excitement and watch their ideas come to life.

If you were opening a gym or yoga studio, which products would be your must-haves? Why?

The Zebra 2” Tatami mat is perfect for grappling, especially if you’re a gym that works takedowns a lot. I would add the Mat Framing Kit for that extra professional touch. For working takedowns, I’d also throw in our 4in or 6in thick landing mat, because takedowns are essential but the repeated landings can definitely beat up your body a bit.

What else do you want customers to know about you?

I’m working on my first novel, a historical fiction piece based loosely around Henry VIII’s attempt to destroy one of the last remaining Catholic abbeys in England. It’s perpetually in rough draft mode, but my (not so inner) history nerd has very much enjoyed the process of researching and writing it.