About Zach

What’s your life story (in two sentences or less)?

“Sometimes I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.” If you don’t religiously quote movies-then we might not be friends.

What makes you unique from the people you work with at Zebra?

Coming from a Jiu Jitsu background, I have developed a keen understanding and perspective as to what your students would like to see at a new gym.

What is your favorite part about working with Zebra’s customers?

I thoroughly enjoy talking with customers (from all over) and helping them create their dream gym. I love receiving photos of the completed space and hearing the excitement in our customers’ voices.

If you were opening a gym or yoga studio, which products would be your must-haves? Why?

I would have our smooth Zebra Gray Mats paired up with our white wall pads! Nothing looks cleaner to me than that color scheme, not to mention it’s a classic combo!

What else do you want customers to know about you?

I enjoy spending my free time, practicing Jiu Jitsu, spending time with my fiancée and two dogs, and drinking a good beer with loved ones.