Supporting Your Gym Members During Lockdown

Martial arts gyms are tight-knit communities, and nothing has shown that more than the events of 2020. Gyms and their members have come together to make it through the new challenges that COVID-19 presented. Just as members have looked for ways to support their gym, gym owners have also worked hard to support their members.  

Below are a few ideas to help facility owners and coaches support their members during lockdown.  

Offer Membership Deals

Temporarily shutting down your gym can be financially difficult. Many members have continued to support their gyms by keeping their memberships active. However, members are also struggling with their own difficulties from COVID-related lockdowns and may not be financially able to pay their membership dues. You can help your members out by offering a reduced rate for virtual lessons, or a small fee to pause their membership until they can return. Work with your members to see what will work for you both during this time.  

Help Them Network

Gym owners are in a unique position of meeting many different people from many professions. Martial arts attracts men and women from all walks of life. If you have members who have lost their jobs due to COVID or the economy, see if you know of someone in their industry that you could connect them with.  

Ask They Need

Your members may want to work on drills when the gym is closed; some of them may have partners to work with, while others may need solo drills. Perhaps other members want to use this time to gain strength and would benefit from a lifting routine. Get in touch with your members and ask them what you can do for them. It may be unreasonable for you to tailor your teaching to each different member, but working out a few different options may greatly benefit your students and prepare them to come back to the gym even stronger.