The 4 Bags Any Professional or Home Gym Should Have

Bag training is essential for boxing, MMA, and many different styles of martial arts; it’s also a great form of cardio for those looking to get in shape. That’s why it’s essential for any home gym or fitness facility to have a collection of training bags. Depending on what you train and where, the bags you need for your space will change. Whether you are training muay thai, cardio kickboxing, MMA, or anything else, one thing is for sure: you need the best bags that fit your training style. 

These are the training bags no facility should go without. 

Zebra Heavy Bag

Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are the all-around training solution for most martial arts disciplines, which is why they are one of the most popular training bags on the market. Heavy bags are ideal for most forms of stand-up martial arts. They can handle kicks, punches, elbows, and knee strikes with ease. They are also the “bag of choice” for many MMA and general fitness facilities because of their versatile use. No matter what you train and how, you won’t go wrong with a heavy bag in your facility. 

girl athlete kicking zebra muay thai bag

Muay Thai Bags

While they are great training bags for all-around training, muay thai bags are named because of the training style they are designed to cultivate: muay thai. As a striking heavy martial art, muay thai, “the art of eight limbs,” is known for its intricate combinations using a fighter’s fists, knees, elbows, and shins. Muay thai bags are longer and thinner than traditional heavy bags, making them more ideal for practicing low kicks that are common in that style of martial art. Don’t let their name fool you – these bags can be used in a variety of training facilities; they are not reserved only for muay thai training. The decision between the two comes down to how you want to train. 

Tear Drop Bags

Being shorter than standard heavy bags and muay thai bags, teardrop bags are mostly geared towards training that involves punching, elbows, and high kicks. Their unique shape (that of a teardrop) allows them to be geared more towards close combat training, particularly that which involves complicated combinations. While heavy bags are designed to handle power, as they are heavier, teardrop bags are lighter and designed to allow you to master timing, precision, and speed. 

 Wrecking Ball Bags

Wrecking ball bags are heavy (weighing in at around 120 lbs.) bags that can be used for all around training, but they do have a few design features that make them more geared towards specific types of punches and combinations. Because of their unique round shape, they are specifically designed to handle hooks, uppercuts, and jabs. You can create and practice powerful and extensive combinations by working with this bag. While heavy and muay thai bags make it hard to practice uppercuts (since there really is no underside of the bag to hit), wrecking ball bags allow you to work these types of punches into your combination with ease, preventing the blows from glancing off the bag and disrupting your combinations. 


Which bags are right for your style of training? No matter what you train, #trainwithconfidence. Train with Bags and Bag Racks from Zebra Athletics.