The 4 Best Things Wall Pads Do for You Gym

Wall padding is one of the necessities of a proper gym. You simply can’t run a safe, successful training program without them. No matter the martial arts discipline, the training you do, and the facility you have, gym wall pads are a must-have form of protection. Why? They do much more than protect you and your students.  

Let’s take a closer look at wall pads and what they can do for your facility. 

#1: They Provide Wall-to-Wall Protection

Getting the obvious out of the way first. It’s no secret that wall pads are the best way to shield a person from what would be a bad injury should they hit the wall…hard. Wall padding, along with pole and column pads, are constructed of a 100% recycled, multi-density, open-cell foam that is attached to a backing, making them easy to attach to any subsurface. This foam is then wrapped in closed-cell vinyl covering that is comfortable to the touch and very easy to keep clean. 

Best of all, these pads can be easily customized to fit every nook and cranny of your gym. Have an awkward space that needs to be covered? Let us know. We will customize pads that fit perfectly, allowing you to provide perfection to your students no matter where they are in your gym. 

#2: They Also Protect Your Walls

The primary goal of wall padding in a gym is to protect students. This much is undisputed. But they also protect your walls from damage. Hard hits into a wall can cause damage both to an athlete and the wall. Having wall pads in place will prevent damage to the wall itself. This is especially useful if you are working in space with drywall, which is particularly easy to damage and break through. 

If you want to avoid damaging your gym, invest in wall pads to protect both your students and your walls! 

#3: They Make It Easy to Clean 

Drywall, concrete, and other wall materials can be complicated to clean, which is necessary to do if you want to keep a sanitized training space. Germs, bacteria, and dirt can get into the pores on a wall and remain trapped there, creating a dirty and sometimes hazardous environment. 

The vinyl covering on ZEBRA Walls Pads is non-porous and very easy to clean. They can be scrubbed with approved cleaners and disinfectants again and again without degrading the materials. Having wall pads in your space actually makes it easier to clean! 

#4: They Make Your Gym More Aesthetically Pleasing

Wall padding gives your gym a finished, professional look that can’t be replicated by any other protective equipment. They can cover up old, ugly walls with bright, new materials that come in multiple colors. They can even be customized with your logo to create an awesome, custom look for your gym. 


Get the protective wall padding you need at ZEBRA today!