The 4 Most Popular Martial Arts Home Gym Designs

Designing your own home gym space can be very rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to build a training space that is unique to you, the type of martial arts you practice, and the goals you want to accomplish. But where do you begin? How do you know the right way to layout a home gym space? Some of it depends on the space you are using in your home, but it’s mostly up to how you train. Your home gym space should be a reflection of your martial arts discipline. 

Find some inspiration in these common home gym designs. 

The Grappling Space

If you practice BJJ, judo, or another martial art that involves heavy amounts of throws, grappling, or groundwork, you’ll want a home gym space that focuses on the mat space where you will be training. The most important products you can choose will be martial arts mats meant for grappling and wall padding to protect yourself while you train.  

The Bag-Training Space

If you practice boxing, muay thai, or any other martial art that focuses heavily on striking, your home gym space needs ample room for bag training. Whether you are using heavy bags, muay thai bags, uppercut bags, or any other type of training bag, these should the focus of your training space. Leave enough room to not only mount these bags, but to also maneuver around them. You can use puzzle mats or 1” martial arts mats, but whether to use wall pads is up to you. If you want a complete look for your gym or believe there is any chance you will hit the wall with your body while training, it’s definitely recommended to invest in wall padding. 

zebra home gym

The MMA Space

If you practice MMA, you’ll need a more comprehensive home gym than most. Making space for mat areas (for groundwork) and bag training areas (for standup martial arts and boxing) can be a challenge. You can save space hanging heavy bags in the middle of your training space and removing them when you need to use the space for grappling and groundwork. You can also invest in Zebra’s modular bag racks that allow you to slide your bags out of the way for more mat space. 

You’ll definitely want thicker mats (at least 1.5” to 2”), and you’ll also want to invest in wall pads.  

guy athlete using zebra battle rope

The Fitness Only Space

If you are only into lifting weights, cardio kickboxing, or general fitness, the best type of flooring to use will be rubber puzzle tiles. These tiles can withstand having weights dropped on them (unlike martial arts mats), and are ideal for all sorts of fitness training. You can even purchase a Practice Base for the occasional yoga or Pilates workout.  

girl athlete using a medicine ball


Everything you need for your home gym can be found at Zebra Athletics. Let us help you build your dream home gym today!