The Benefits of Hosting Adult and Child Yoga Programs

Many of the people who frequent yoga studios are parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives to children and teenagers. For many, their yoga practice is the time to take a break from parenting, but yoga doesn’t have to ONLY be an escape from the kids. Theres a great way to get more yoga in while also spending quality time with the kids in your life. Children and teens benefit from yoga in many of the same ways adults doincreased flexibility, reduced stress, and more focus.  

Adding a class where adults can hit the yoga mats with kids has several important benefits. 

Quality Time

In today’s busy world, many parents struggle to spend time with their children. Between work, school, activities, sports, and appointments, it can be hard to spend any time together, and feel nearly impossible to spend quality time together. Attending a yoga class specifically designed for parents and children gives both the opportunity to spend time together where the purpose is to enjoy their practice and each other. The soothing effects of yoga can also provide a reset button for the sometimes contentious nature of the parent/child relationship. After a yoga class, parents and kids who have had a rough day together may find that they feel emotionally calm enough to revisit any issues and communicate more clearly.  

Encouraging Fitness

Children and teenagers need to see the adults in their life being active and healthy. For this reason, adult/child yoga classes offer a great benefit. Kids are able to see that the adults in their life value fitness and make being healthy a priority. Learning by example is one of the best ways to help children gain the values and outlooks that are important to growing into healthy adulthood. Offering children and teens a way to participate in a fitness activity on a regular basis is a great opportunity to start or continue their fitness journey. 

Providing Tools

Controlled breathing is a key part of yoga practice. Not coincidentally, it also plays a large role in reducing anger, frustrations, and other difficult emotions in intense situations.  Children are still learning to manage their emotions, and teenagers are dealing with hormonal changes that affect their emotions. Learning about controlled breathing is an important tool that can help them when their emotions feel overwhelming. Another benefit of yoga practice is stress relief. Children and teens can get just as stressed as adults, even if it’s for different reasons. Yoga can be another tool in their mental health chest to help them navigate life in a healthy and happy manner.  


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