The Best Way to Clean and Sanitize Your Home Gym

As the COVID-19 pandemic numbers rise and fall, athletes are increasingly looking to add space in their homes where they can train. However, certain responsibilities come along with the benefits of having a home gym, and one of those is keeping up with a regular cleaning routine. If you have martial arts mats or other training equipment in your home, here are three things you need to be doing.  

Disinfect and Sanitize After Every Training Session

Yes, that’s after EVERY training session. Even if it was just you using the equipment. Buy a simple mop for your mats, or invest in a nice mirco fiber mop, and have sanitizing wipes on hand for any heavy bags and fitness accessories you useRemember to always use a disinfectant solution that’s safe for your mats (we recommend Zebra’s Disinfectant), and mop down your mats afteyou’ve finished training. Then, wipe down all your equipment. No exceptions. This needs to be done even if you are planning on training later in the day. Every single time means every single time. 

Remove Buildup Regularly

To extend the life of your mats, one thing that is often overlooked is removing the mineral buildup that comes from sweat and other chemicals. Zebra’s Mineral Deposit Cleaner or should be used weekly to remove buildup that may break down your mats over time. Protect your investment by keeping up with this important maintenance routine. 

Check Your Equipment Quality and Perform Any Needed Maintenance

Once your mats are down and your equipment is placed in your home space, it’s easy to think that cleaning is the only part of keeping your space in good shape. However, wear and tear can occur, as do accidents, and it’s best to perform a monthly equipment check on everything you useHere’s a simple checklist to run down every month: 

  • Examine the edges of your mats for snags or tears.  
  • Ensure your heavy bags are still properly anchored.  
  • Look for worn spots in any equipment that might become a problem later.  

Remember that getting ahead of any issues, along with routine cleaning, is the best way to ensure that your home training space is great for many years to come. 

If you have any questions about cleaning your equipment, check out our resources section for all the “how-to” guides will need to clean and protect your equipment. 


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