The Difference Between Heavy Bags and Muay Thai Bags

While both can be considered types of heavy bags, there are many differences between muay thai bags and traditional heavy bags. From their design to their construction, these bags differ in the type of training they are ideal for. 

What’s the difference between heavy bags and muay thai bags? 

What are Heavy Bags?

Heavy bags are also commonly known as boxing bags. To ensure that they can endure a lot of impact, these sizable, robust punching bags are sturdy and built to enhance both striking and kicking techniques. Heavy bags exist in a variety of sizes and forms, allowing you to choose a weight that suits your practice. 

Heavy bags are often suspended with a chain, swivel, or straps and weigh upwards of 200 pounds. This type of bag is used for activities like boxing, MMA, muay thai, karate, and more. A heavy bag can offer a full body workout and help develop a wide range of striking techniques. A heavy bag aids in the development of strength, stamina, breathing, timing, technique, and power. Heavy bags are often constructed of synthetic materials like vinyl or plastic or leather. 

Zebra Heavy Bag

The Pros of Heavy Bags

  • Offers full body workout 
  • Various placement options 
  • Great for a wide variety of training 
  • Used in conventional heavy boxing 
  • Helps develop technique and hand-eye coordination  

What Are Muay Thai Heavy Bags?

Muay Thai bags are specialty bags made to enable athletes to practice muay Thai. These bags help train jabs and low kicks with relative ease. It’s crucial to comprehend how they vary from the typical heavy bags available throughout most boxing gyms in order to make the most effective use of this gear. 

Muay Thai heavy bags are a thinner and longer variant of the standard heavy bag. Their design helps you develop strong punches and kicks while also allowing you to establish the ideal rhythm and flow. These bags are used in MMA, taekwondo and muay thai training, allowing you to strike the bag high and low.

The Pros of Muay Thai Bags

  • Swing enables you to practice movement 
  • Excellent for strength training 
  • Great all-purpose heavy bag 
  • Amazing for training kicks 
  • Allows you to develop muay thai techniques 

Which Bag is Right for You?

The perfect bag for each boxer will depend on their personal training objectives and degree of expertise. Finding the ideal boxing equipment requires a thorough understanding of the various heavy bag kinds. Size, kind, and quality are just a few of the variables to take into account while selecting a bag. You’ll be able to choose the bag that’s best for you once you’ve determined your budget and your unique training requirements.