Three Uses for Ninja Obstacle Base Pillars

Base pillars for Ninja obstacle courses are one of the most versatile objects in facilities that focus on Ninja training. They are perfect for adding into your Ninja obstacle course or even using them alone. No matter how you use them, they make a great addition to your facility. Base pillars are available in various sizes and are available with a hook and loop or mega grip base. 

How can they benefit your facility? Below are three ways to use base pillars in your Ninja training. 

Log Rolling

Log rolling is a difficult, but fun way to work on balance. This exercise will be more suited to older students, but can be done with younger students by having an instructor hold their hand. Turn the base pillar sideways and have the student balance on the side. The student can try moving the pillar forward or backward, all the while using their balance to stay on top. For a more advanced challenge, students can try this with two pillars, one foot on each. 

Balance Exercises

A second way to use pillars to build skills is to simply place them on the floor and have the student stand on them. From there, the student can try balancing on one foot, then one foot out in front, one out in back, etc. Put the student through various poses to help them work on balance; the different sizes of pillars provide for different challenges for different ages and skill levels.  

Climbing Exercises

This is sure to be a hit with all students! Climbing the pillars offers a hint of adventure while also working on agility and coordination. Several pillars of different sizes can be lined up to allow students to step from pillar to pillar, or to climb up and down each pillar. Pillars are also a perfect base to allow students to climb to taller obstacles and safely practice managing heights.


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