Tips to Maximize Storage Space at Your Martial Arts Facility

Gyms and studios exist in a wide variety of sizes. Some are multi-room facilities, others are as small as garage gyms, which are often a first location for aspiring martial arts and fitness business owners. On the other end of the spectrum, established gyms may dwarf single-family homes.  

Regardless of a facility’s size, there is one issue that these facilities have: the need for more storage space. It may appear that a large gym wouldn’t have this issue, but the truth is the same as it is with houses. The more space we have, the more we add members and equipment to fill it. The amount of equipment may vary, but the problem remains the same.  

If you are struggling with space at your martial arts of fitness facility, here are a few tips on how to maximize storage for your facility. 

Batch Your Schedule

Like many facilities, you may offer a variety of classes. These classes require different kinds of equipment, or no equipment at all. Take a thoughtful look at your schedule and consider where you can arrange classes to benefit your storage needs. Perhaps you can offer fitness classes, or classes that require fitness equipment, later in the evening on certain days, followed by offering them earlier in the morning the next day.  

Batching your schedule allows you to bring out equipment at the end of the day of classes, use it, leave it out overnight, and use it again the next morning. In this example, that leave the rest of the floor space open during the day for other kinds of classes and allows the instructor to leave the equipment out overnight. This is particularly helpful when no other classes would require the floor. 

Go Vertical!

It’s a core tenant of storage: there is much more available space from the floor to the ceiling than there is across the floor. Make use of this vertical space for bigger equipment with utility shelves against the walls. Cubed shelves are a great option for entryways where students need to store their shoes or coats. Taller drawer units provide even more space for smaller training equipment or cleaning equipment. Don’t be afraid to use non-matted sections of your facility for storage as well. Hooks in a hallway wall can hold a variety of items, from gloves to training mitts, to jump ropes. 

When space is tight, look up! Think about how you can get creative with your storage solutions. 

Make Spaces Multi-Use

When space is really tight, it’s time to start thinking about how you can create multi-use spaces that serve many purposes. Can your reception area also serve as a coat room? Do you have an office in the back that can also store spare equipment? Can you reduce your training area by making spaces multifunctional? Perhaps you don’t need separate spaces for bag training and mat training. By implementing products like Modular Multi-Station Bag Racks, which make it easy to move bags out of the way when they are not in use. 

The best thing you can do is get creative with the space that you have.