Unique Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Yoga Practice Space

Whether you’re remodeling your current yoga studio or building a new one, color will play an important role in the process. You likely already have a color palette in mind—from your brand colors to your own personal preferences—but there are still interesting and unique ways to lay out those colors in your yoga studio to create something unique. Color selection is important, but today we wanted to focus on what you can do with those colors in your space, whether it’s a home studio or your place of business. 

There are and unique ways to play with color in your yoga studio, but creating an great yoga space goes well beyond simply selecting some colors and painting a few walls. Your yoga training space is personal to you (and your students), so make it a space where you want to spend your time, a space that can be an escape from the stress and worry in your life. 

Play with Lighting

Playing with light in your yoga studio can dramatically change how it looks. Different lighting schemes illuminate colors in different ways, meaning you don’t even need to change the colors you use to alter the way your studio looks. 

Try experimenting with different types of lighting and the placement of it in your studio. Sources of lighting can include: 

  1. Natural light from windows (if available) 
  2. Overhead lighting 
  3. Lighting from floor lamps 
  4. Focused lighting (i.e., spotlights)
  5. Different types of light (LEDs, white light, yellowed (warm) lights, fluorescent) 
  6. Colored light bulbs 
  7. Track lights 

You will be completely surprised by how the look of your yoga studio changes when the lighting is completely revitalized. Experiment with different lighting schemes to find one that works for you. 

Create An Accent Wall (or Two!) 

You have multiple walls; you have multiple colors. Don’t paint each wall the same color. Accent walls are a great way to break up the monotony of single-color spaces. They are visually appealing, creating a great focal point for when you’re holding complex positions, and allow you to show off your unique style. 

You can even up the appeal of your yoga practice space by adding a wall of bricks, wood paneling, or another type of material to create an even better-looking space. Mirrors also make a great option as they make the space look bigger and brighter, all while allowing you and your students to keep an eye on their form while practicing. 

Color Your Flooring

You don’t have to stick with a neutral color (woodgrain) for your yoga flooring. That’s one of the many benefits of using foam yoga tiles in your yoga studio! Foam yoga flooring tiles from ZEBRA come in multiple colors that include green, black, gray, and others. They allow you to choose a color that matches your brand, style, and theme you have selected for your studio. If you still want the natural look of woodgrain, you can also get foam flooring tiles that mirror the natural look of wood flooring. 

Bring new life to your yoga studio today. Complete your remodel with yoga flooring from ZEBRA! Find everything you need at our online store or call a sales representative to help you get a quote for your studio.