Uses For Your Zebra Ninja Products In Your School

So you’ve made the investment and ordered Ninja obstacle products for your academy. You’re ready to add new products to your school and eager to set yourself apart from the other martial arts schools nearby. Great! Now what? You likely already know that you can use Zebra Ninja obstacle course products to your current programs to increase cardio, add fun, build skills, etc. However, there are several ways to use your Zebra Ninja products to add to your program offerings, including some you may not have considered.

Offer a Parent’s Night Out

Anyone with kids, or anyone who’s ever been around kids, can tell you that parents need a break. If you have a kids program, you have potential clients for a Parent’s Night Out program. Ninja products and setting up an obstacle course can entertain kids for several hours. As popular as obstacle courses and ninja fitness is, it’s still a rarity in the fitness world. This gives you the opportunity to appeal to kids with unique entertainment while giving parents the satisfaction of knowing that their kids will be happy and barely notice their parents are gone.

Happy kids + guilt-free parents = win/win.

Set Up a Summer Camp

As much as kids love summer break, their thrill level seems to only last a few weeks before they’re complaining about being bored. As a gym owner, this is your opportunity to provide a service to the children and parents in your community. With interest in Ninja obstacle courses growing, you can use your Ninja products to set up a daytime summer camp to keep children in your community entertained, active, and happy during those lazy summer days.

Host Birthday Parties

If you’re a parent, you know that finding an affordable and fun location for children’s birthday parties can be a hassle. Martial arts academies have the advantage of having enough space to host a group of children for birthday parties, and perhaps you’re already offering this service! Utilizing your Zebra Ninja products can take these events to the next level. What nine year old doesn’t love the opportunity to try out the skills he or she has seen on American Ninja Warrior? Use Zebra Ninja products to set up obstacle courses, skill challenges, and games for the under-thirteen set.


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