Wall Pads – A Multi-Functioning Product

Opening a gym is a daunting task. Once they’ve selected a location, a future gym owner’s next goal is to obtain new equipment. Mats are the obvious first selection, but wall pads, sometimes an important second, often fall by the wayside or are earmarked as a future purchase. Wall pads are just as critical to your gym as mats. Keep reading to learn about the many functions of wall padding and why it’s an essential product for your facility.  

They Protect Your Walls

Wall pads are often thought of as protecting a gym’s athletes. However, one of the most important functions of wall pads is to protect your walls. Bodies and equipment slamming into walls can be incredibly destructive. An enthusiastic double-leg can send your partner straight through the drywall, creating a mess and future construction project. It doesn’t take one big impact to damage your walls. Repeated and expected wear and tear can cause cracks, dents, and peeling drywall. This can be a huge problem if you’re leasing your space, as so many gyms are. Wood-backed wall pads that fit tightly against your walls keep both daily and big impacts from causing damage to your walls.  

Roll-out wall pads that aren’t wood-backed provide some protection to your athletes but lack the structure of wood-backed wall pads and provide little, if any, protection for your walls. 

They Protect Your Athletes

The other major purpose of wall pads is to protect your athletes. Gyms exist in a variety of spaces, with walls that range from drywall to concrete. Regardless of the structural makeup of the facility, your members are sure to be making contact with your walls on a regular basis. Wall pads will help cushion the impact of the walls and keep your athletes safe from injuries. Coming into contact with hard walls while training can also cause a significant amount of wear and tear on bodies, and your members shouldn’t be in contact with hard walls for this reason. Mats protect your students from hard floors, and wall pads pretend them from hard walls.  

Branding and Aesthetics

Martial arts gyms have moved away from the rough and tumble appearance of boxing gyms of old. It’s important to present a professional, clean appearance, and installing wall pads can help potential new members see your facility in the best light possible. Clean, crisp mats and coordinating wall pads demonstrate that you take your school seriously and take pride in its appearance. Adding wall pads also provides another opportunity to add branding. By having your gym’s logo printed on your wall pads, you provide a focal point for gym photos. The photos your students post on social media will have your logo in the background, providing additional (and easy!) exposure for your gym. 


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