What Are the Advantages of Using Modular Bag Rack Systems?

Every martial arts facility shares a common struggle: space. Whether it’s space for training, storage, or guests, space is at a premium for every facility. There just never seems to be enough of it, no matter how much you optimize the layout of your training space. 

This is something Zebra took to heart when we introduced our new Modular Bag Rack System. These multi-bag training systems take into account the importance of space for your martial arts or fitness facility, finally giving you a solution when training space it tight. Modular bag racks allow facility owners to tailor their bag rack system specifically to their facility, which provides several advantages especially for smaller spaces. 

They Serve as Multi-Use Spaces

Space is valuable for every gym owner; it’s also expensive. But you don’t have to invest in blowing out walls in your building to add more space or leasing/buying a bigger space. Ever-growing numbers of gym owners have evolved their facility’s current space to suit more than one type of training discipline, and Zebra’s Modular Bag Rack Systems are helping them do it. 

While it would be ideal to have separate rooms for heavy bag work, jiu jitsu, weightlifting, etc., the reality is that few facility owners are able to do so. Creating a space that can work to teach grappling and striking, lead fitness classes, and offer yoga is vitally important. Zebra’s Modular Bag Rack System works within these limitations, creating opportunities for various classes while existing within a smaller space. Sliding trolleys allow a variety of bags, including heavy bags and muay thai bags, to be moved around to fit the equipment requirement for that class. Bags can be spread out for fitness kickboxing classes, then slide to one side to allow sufficient mat space for a no gi class. In addition, curved I-beams allow for more options for placement, especially in spaces with unique layouts.  

Options for Future Expansion

Many facilities start with smaller bag racks due to financial constraints, because they have just opened their facility, or have just added striking classes. This may mean anything from a single bag to just a few bags. With Zebra’s modular bag rack system, it’s easy to start small and expand on your terms. I-Beams can be added in five foot and ten-foot increments, allowing you to grow your equipment in a way you are comfortable with. Curved I-beams allow you to expand in a variety of layouts. Cage panel walls can also be incorporated into your modular bag rack as a way to add cage work to your classes and/or as a way to divide your space. 


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