What Are Water Training Bags, and Why Should You Use Them?

Zebra’s new line of water training bags are the perfect fit for athletes looking for a way to train hard without putting too much strain on their bodies. Most heavy bags are filled with sand, clothing, and other materials, allowing the bag to retain its shape and withstand punches and kicks. Zebra’s Water Training Bags are filled with water, giving them several unique characteristics that make them more beneficial for consistent training. 

Here’s why you should be using them. 

Healthier Training

Filling the bags with water allows the bag to give when struck, absorbing the kinetic energy of the strike. This allows you the option to train using the full force of your punches and kicks without taking a toll on your knuckles and joints. Athletes also no longer have to fear hitting a hard spot on the bag where the filling may have shifted. 

Ease of Use and Compact Size

Zebra’s Water Training Bags are easy to set up and use. Water Training Bags arrive flat; they simply need to be filled with water. You control how hard or soft the bag is by adding more or less water. Their smaller size and the fact that they swing less than a traditional bag also makes them perfect for smaller facilities and home gyms. If you’re training in a multi-use space, Water Training Bags can easily be drained and stored flat between training sessions. In addition, Zebra’s Water Training Bags are safe for outdoor use, rain or shine.  


Incredibly convenient, Zebra’s Water Training Bags are easy to ship. Since they don’t have to be filled until they’re used, the bags ship flat, saving on otherwise expensive shipping. Once your bag has arrived, you can move them between facilities or homes if needed. Simply drain the bag, transport, and refill again at the new location. 

Zebra’s Water Training Bags come in two sizes, 120lbs and 190lbs. Every bag comes with a shackle, hose-filling nozzle, and stopper.  


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