What Does Autumn Mean for Your Martial Arts Facility?

Autumn is a favorite season for many of us. Fall means colorful leaves, cooling temperatures, and evening bonfires. As a gym owner, fall can bring other considerations. What does fall mean for your martial arts facility? 

Back to School

Kids going back to school is one of the biggest events in the fall. What does that mean for your gym? Back to school can increase membership numbers in kids’ programs. Schools starting means parents are getting their children back on a schedule, and after-school martial arts programs are more appealing than during the more anything goes days of summer. Parents may also be looking for a way to enforce discipline and good behavior in the classroom and enrolling their child in a martial arts program is a great way to do this. Don’t overlook back to school as an opportunity to increase student enrollment at your facility.  

Varying Temperatures

For most of us, fall means a whiplash of cooler weather and warm temperatures. This can make keeping your gym comfortable a tricky task. Do you turn the heat on one day and switch to air conditioning the next? Should you turn off both at night and risk the gym being too cold or too hot for classes the next day? What about your gas bills? A good option for temperature fluctuations, especially if you live in a state with more extreme swings, is to choose a comfortable medium on your thermostat. Keep plenty of water on hand and lower the intensity of workouts on warmer days. Add extra warmups and movement on days with cooler temperatures.  

Early Evenings

Darkness by 5pm is a common occurrence in October for many areas of the country. For facilities that rely on large amounts of natural light, plan for an increase in electricity bills to ensure your gym is well-lit. If you have a kid’s program, remind parents to keep an extra eye on their children as they’re entering and leaving the gym. Talk to the kids about not running in the parking lot and watching for cars, which may have a hard time seeing them in the autumn darkness.  


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