What You Need to Know About Lead Times for Martial Arts Products

Ordering products for your martial arts facility or your home gym is often different than ordering items from retailers like Amazon or Target. One of the ways in which ordering martial arts items is different is in terms of lead time. 

What is Lead Time?

Lead time is the term used to refer to the time between when a product is ordered and when it arrives to your home or facility. This is an important factor to pay attention to when ordering larger or specialized products.  

Which Martial Arts, Fitness, and Yoga Products Have Longer Lead Times?

Martial arts mats and wall pads that have to be printed with custom logos will have longer lead times. Mats with more unusual colors can also take longer, as they are usually not in stock. Ninja/obstacle course products are made on demand and require slightly more time to be delivered. Rings and cages have many different parts and are bulky to ship, adding additional weeks to arrive. Fitness rigs are also not stocked and are often made to order, giving them a longer lead time as well. 

Why is it important to consider lead times?

Opening, expanding, or renovating a facility is a detailed process, with timelines and deadlines. Knowing when you need your product delivered to your facility is important. Recognizing items that might require a longer lead time will help you keep your deadlines accurate. Once you know the products you are interested in, contact your Zebra sales rep as soon as possible to get confirmation on how long those products may take to arrive at your facility. This is especially important when you know you want to talk to your sales rep about specialized products and custom logos.