Which Supplements I Take and Why

By Elisabeth Clay

For the most part, I don’t use protein powders or shakes on a regular basis. Nor do I use BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) or anything like that. Some people really like them and that’s great — I have nothing against them — I just don’t use them a lot.

What I do take every single day are:

Collagen Supplements

I have to take these for my joints, tendons, and ligaments. One thing we all know is jiu jitsu, lifting, and everything else is hard on your joints, so I take collagen supplements to combat the stress on my body, which is super important.

I have hyper ligaments, or ligament laxity, so I have bad joints even without the extra stress of jiu jitsu. So, for me, it is extremely important that I take my supplements. I take Professional Health Products Collagen Complex twice a day, at 6 in in the morning and 6 at night.

As an added bonus, collagen will make your hair, skin, and nails better, which we all know jiu jitsu is very rough on.

Immune Booster Supplements

All of the training and dieting we do is tough on our immune system, so it’s very important we take steps to prevent getting sick. The one supplement I like to take is Professional Health Products Immuno Complex. I take it every morning.

Probiotic Supplements

I like to take probiotics because making sure your stomach is functioning well is super important for your health and just how you feel. If your stomach is hurting you’re not going to want to go workout and train, or do anything else. I take these to prevent having any problems and to make sure everything (inside me) is running smoothly.

The supplement I take is Professional Health Products Pro Flora Max Plus.

Metabolism Boosters

Of course, we want our metabolism working as best as it can. We want to be in the best shape we can be and having our metabolism working at peak is important for this.

I take Professional Health Products Metabolic Enhancer AFTER I eat. Don’t ever take this on an empty stomach trust me you will regret it. I’ve done it wasn’t a smart thing to do at all.

Samolinic (Salmon Oil and Other Plant Essential Fatty Acid Pills)

Samolinic helps with memory and cardiovascular health and acts as an anti inflammatory. It also is good for the optimization of blood pressure, and for neurological support against depression. As stupid as it sounds, the biggest thing I notice after taking Samolinic is that my skin is less dry. This is amazing for me, as I have super super dry skin.

I take Samolinic, made by the Key Company, in the morning and at night.

Birth Control

After debating for a really, really long time, and after trying phyto estrogens and progesterones, I actually started taking birth control. What does it do for me, and why is it important for me to take it? Obviously, birth control prevents pregnancy (the reason most people take it), but that’s not the reason I take it.

I started taking it because I was dealing with horrible cramps for years, which were so painful it would cause me to throw up. I don’t ever throw up from pain, but these cramps were something beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. I was throwing up from pain and my training would suffer. It hurt so much to move, but I still forced myself to keep going and training. I would run off the mat, vomit, and get right right back to training. Just because I was hurting, didn’t mean the competition was not coming or my competitors were not training, so I wasn’t going to stop training, either.

After years of dealing with it, I just didn’t want to anymore. So, I decided to try birth control, and it was a hard step to take. I have always been against taking hormones, but to my surprise and delight it has helped me an insane amount. I no longer have the headaches from the hormonal fluctuation,  and the vomiting and those awful cramps are gone, too. Not that the cramps don’t happen at all, but it is not so horrid as they used to be. The type of birth control I use is Larin, it is a generic of Loestrin 24.

What About Protein Powder?

To contradict what I said earlier about not taking protein powder, and I don’t use it a lot, but if I am to use a protein powder, the one I really like is Orgain USDA Organic Plant Protein Powder (in the Chocolate flavor of course).

As an FYI, I do get all of these from my physician (other then the protein powder, that’s Costco). I do this for multiple reasons, most importantly because the quality is better. This means that my body can absorb and use the supplements better.

It Seems Like A lot

So yes, I take a ton a pills every day, a handful to be exact, but you do what you gotta do. With all of this said, I am NOT telling you that you need to or have to take these exact brands, or even any supplements at all. This is just something I was asked, so I am telling you what I use and why I use it. I hope this helps y’all out if you’ve been wondering or struggling with this. If you have any questions DM me on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

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