Yoga Studio Spotlight: The Hot Yoga Factory

A person’s yoga practice is a transformational journey, and owning a yoga studio is a similar experience. Over the years your studio will change, and it’s our job here at Zebra to ensure that it changes for the better.

There is no greater example of this change than one of our most recent clients: The Hot Yoga Factory in Chelmsford, MA. Formerly known as Bikram Yoga Chelmsford, The Hot Yoga Factory came to us looking for fresh new look for their studio.

Their hot yoga flooring was wall-to-wall carpet, causing a lot of maintenance issues and costs. It was also turning off a lot of students who were seeking a more sanitary surface to practice on. We were more than happy to help, and we recently received some incredible feedback from Terri Fry, the studio’s owner. In a nutshell, here is what she said:

hot yoga factory

“Sales are up, attendance is up and the studio continues to grow!”


She was excited to report a few of the benefits of her new Zebra Yoga Tiles:

No Longer Sweating Energy Use & Costs

All hot yoga studios know that it’s a challenge to keep energy usage and costs low. Combine this with humidity warping wood floors and this can turn into a headache for any studio owner.

Here’s what Terri had to say about the our hot yoga flooring tiles:


“The heat doesn’t have to run as much, and the humidity levels are awesome. My heat is on a timer and I’ve been able to set it back to only having to come on a half hour before class begins (this time of year it used to be 60 minutes), and we now leave the heat set to 100 degrees instead of 105. I’m excited to see what happens next winter! Not only are we saving money on our utilities, but we’re conserving energy as well! Which many of the students have commented on to me and like.”


She even sent us a breakdown of her energy usage numbers and savings!

Zebra Floor Data_7-6-17

Increased Attendance & Sales

zebra hot yoga factory

When you invest in your studio, your community and students will notice. After making the decision in February to go with new Zebra Yoga Tiles, The Hot Yoga Factory got to work letting their students know that new flooring was on the way. They left the small sample of the tiles we sent them at the front of the studio, allowing their yogis to see and feel what was coming to their studio. By the time the tiles were installed in the middle of March, everyone was excited about the change.

Here’s what Terri had to say about her studio’s performance after their new tiles were installed:

“Overall, all of this worked! Not one person complained about the studio closing. We are now starting to see people we haven’t seen in years. Most of their comments are along the lines of, “I saw on Facebook you have a new floor” or “a friend mentioned you got a new floor,” which tells me they stopped coming because of the carpet! We’ve also seen an uptick in student referrals. More people are sending their friends who’ve never been to the studio before. This tells me their friends weren’t interested because of the carpet, which some have come right out and said.

Several students have thanked me for making the investment in the studio. They see how the studio has been growing since I bought it 2 1/2 years ago and they appreciate me taking some of the profits and investing them back into the studio to make it a better place to be.”

Simpler & Cheaper Maintenance

One of the things people love about our Yoga Flooring Tiles is how easy they are to maintain. They are specially designed to resist water absorption, a must-have feature for hot yoga studios. Here’s what Terri had to say about maintaining her Zebra Yoga Tiles:

I’m saving $3000 a year on maintenance. I was paying a carpet cleaner $250 per month to steam clean twice a month. That expense is gone!

“We now mop the floor at the end of the day and between classes, which only takes a moment, and then we deep clean it a couple of times a week. We’ve been training our students to mop up after themselves if they have a puddle around their mat (it’s hot yoga, there will be puddles!) and that has worked. There is very little which needs to be mopped up. We also have the added advantage of having a door and windows. All we need to do is open the door, open the window and turn the fans to high and in about 5 minutes the moisture has evaporated.”

Easy DIY Installation

installing zebra yoga tiles

Zebra Yoga Tiles are easy to install and do not require a professional team! You don’t have to be a “DIY Expert” to completely redo your yoga flooring. It took Terri less than two days to install her new yoga flooring. Here is what she had to say about the process:

“The installation process was pretty simple and straightforward. What took the most time were all the angle cuts around the support columns and the window side of the studio, which has a ton of odd angles due to how the wall is constructed. It’s a zigzag configuration. So there were lots of angles to cut. In terms of number of tiles needed, based on the drawing we sent, Zebra had estimated 51 tiles. We used 50 and the leftover one is now in my loft and I use it at home! It’s also there as a spare in case we ever need it.”

Satisfied Clients

Terri left us with one final nugget of wisdom:


“As a MasterCard commercial of days gone by could have read: Zebra Yoga Tiles, installation costs and food/snacks for workers = $$. Satisfied clients = PRICELESS!”


Before and After Photos

About The Hot Yoga Factory

Formerly Bikram Yoga Chelmsford, MA. The Hot Yoga Factory is an independently owned studio that specializes in Bikram yoga and Pilates. They hold special events that range from family/youth yoga classes to “Benefit Classes” for events like the Boston AIDS Walk. Owner Terri Fry has been teaching yoga for more than 14 years and placed 1st in the 2016 New England Regional Yoga Asana Championships.

The studio is located at 28 Alpine Ln in Chelmsford, MA 01824.