Zebra Yoga Customer Spotlight: Alchemy

The conversion of “base metals” into more rare and valuable elements, such as gold, is what most of us picture when we hear the word “alchemy”.  But, for many in the Minneapolis area that’s an image that has been changing since a studio called Alchemy hit the scene!

About Alchemy

Alchemy is more than a yoga/fitness fusion studio, they are a close-knit community that melds the best of yoga, strength training and high intensity conditioning to fuel cultivation and amplification of the rare and valuable in each and every student.

By visiting one of their three studios — located in the North Loop and Northeast regions of Minneapolis, with a *NEW* location soon to open in the suburb of Edina — students can participate in a variety of classes and other events that include running groups, meet and greets and even celebrity nights!

Learn more about Alchemy on their website.

How Zebra Helped

Having previously worked with the team at Alchemy we were incredibly excited to hear about their Edina location and were glad to be able to support them with new yoga floors and fitness racks for their facility.

Revamp Your Facility

Zebra Athletics and Zebra Yoga provide industry-leading MMA, Martial Arts, and yoga studio supplies and equipment to facilities and events all across the world. Over the years we have been expanding our lines of yoga flooring and fitness equipment, and we are happy to continue helping studios like Alchemy make their visions a reality.

To learn more about our products and how we can transform (or create) your facility, contact a member of our team today.