Zebra Customer Spotlight: 4M Fitness

At Zebra Athletics, we provide MMA, martial arts and tactical owners with all the mats, pads, bags, cages and everything else they need to make their facilities a success.

One of our most recent customers was an incredible facility, 4M Fitness.

About 4M Fitness

Located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, 4M Fitness is an MMA, Yoga and fitness facility whose mission statement is “to have a positive influence on every person that interacts with us, and to be regarded as an outstanding asset to the community in which we are located.”

The team at 4M Fitness specializes in:

  • Muay Thai and BJJ: led by Aaron King
  • Boxing: Led by Adam Esposito
  • Yoga: led by Erica Sioda
  • Personal Training: led by Bill Metts

They also offer a great kids program that teaches valuable skills like self discipline, focus, agility, self esteem and endurance conditioning.

On top of their training lessons, 4M Fitness is also forming both amatuer and professional MMA and boxing teams, led by their Director of Personal Fitness, Bill Metts and their Director of Boxing, Adam Esposito.

Check out the 4M Fitness website here. You can also follow them on Facebook.

How Zebra Athletics Helped their Facility

4M Fitness was looking to take their students’ training to the next level, and our team was happy to provide their growing facility with a brand new look.

They needed a safe space to train, so our team outfitted their facility with wall-to-wall protection including brand new MMA mats and wall pads.

They were also looking for a quality, professional area for their students and growing boxing/MMA teams to spar, so we brought them a brand MMA cage and ring, both featuring a sleek black and gray color palette.

For their yoga team: a brand new set of yoga mats to enhance their training sessions.

Take a look at some of the pictures:

Thanks to 4M Fitness

We want to thank the team at 4M Fitness for making Zebra Athletics their number one choice in MMA and yoga products.