Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles vs. Other Hot Yoga Flooring Options

There’s no shortage of yoga flooring options, but not all of them are suitable for hot yoga environments. Hot yoga presents a challenge to many different types of flooring. The high temperature and humidity can cause certain types of flooring to buckle, warp, and bend (particularly wood and bamboo). Other types of flooring like cork and carpet are very porous, meaning they absorb the sweat left behind after multiple hot yoga sessions. This not only leaves behind bacteria that is absorbed into the flooring, it also causes a stench that will quickly become unpleasant and unwelcome. 

Since we launched our line of Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles many years ago, studios all over the world quickly realized just how well they perform in hot yoga settings. Their design, the materials used to make them, and their sheer quality put them above any other type of hot yoga flooring. 

These aren’t just claims. We can back up what we say. There are many reasons why Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles are the best hot yoga flooring option for any studio. 

They Can Withstand the Heat: No Buckling!

It’s not just the heat that can impact the flooring in your yoga studio; it’s the humidity. Many types of flooring will absorb the moisture in the air during hot yoga sessions, causing them to expand when humidity levels are high and contract when humidity levels are low. This can cause the flooring to buckle, warp, bend, and break. 

This is not the case for Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles. Our climate stable tiles are made from high-quality foam and vinyl, leaving them immune to temperature and humidity changes. 

Easy to Clean

Leftover sweat is always an issue for hot yoga studios. It leaves a residue on the floor, minerals can build up on the surface, and bacteria left behind leads to unwanted smells. That’s why it’s critical to clean often, and thoroughly. The problem is that some floors are porous, meaning sweat, dirt and bacteria can easily hide in tiny, microscopic pores in the floor. 

Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles, whether you choose a smooth or tatami surface, are easy to clean after every yoga session. Our high-quality vinyl covering is antibacterial and can withstand years of repeated cleanings, allowing you to maintain a fresh and clean hot yoga studio. We also offer a mat and equipment coating product that prevents odor-causing bacteria from cultivating on the surface of your Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles to begin with, no chemistry degree required. These products create a protective “shield” that actively destroys germs, bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms, and can be spread on top of your mats with ease. 

Lower Energy Costs

It costs a lot to maintain the temperature in a hot yoga setting, and a significant amount of heat escapes right through your floor. This is not the case with Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles! Their foam core helps insulate your yoga studio, preventing heat loss through the floor and lowering your energy costs and carbon footprint. Our customers have noted decreases in their heating bills after installing our foam yoga tiles in their studios, which adds up over the years! 


Make the switch today. Invest in Zebra Yoga and Fitness Tiles in your studio for the best hot yoga experience you’ll ever have!