Zebra Yoga’s New Year’s Resolution: New Year, New Us

Last year, we met new people, launched new products and made some great new friends, a few of whom have really helped us better understand our brand’s presence in the yoga community and how we can be a more active member of it!

This year, we are excited to continue building our network of friends and expand the lineup of amazing products and services we offer to yoga studios and at-home practitioners.

Here are a few things that you can look forward to in 2017:

New Yoga Products for Your Home

Our yoga practice base was a big hit with the yoga-at-home community last year, with teacher and inspiration, Riva Gdanski calling it the “perfect solution for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of sturdy cushioning over their own floor.”

She even Instagrammed some amazing photos of her using her practice base!

This year, we are focused on offering a wider range of quality products to enhance your at-home yoga practice. From yoga products to clothing and accessories, you can look forward to everything Zebra will be bringing to the market this year.

Partnership with LUVhard. Clothing

As part of our push towards at-home yoga products and studio worthy apparel, we are happy to be exploring a relationship with LUVhard. Clothing, a local apparel company from our home state of Minnesota.

LUVHard. sells an amazing variety of mens, womens and kids shirts and accessories, including:

  • Tanks
  • Tees
  • Hoodies
  • Long Sleeve Shirts

They also truly personify what we are looking to connect our community members to: exciting small businesses that are as much a passion project for their owners and employees as they are businesses.  As we get further into the year we look forward to introducing you to more companies like them!

More Events!

We recently attended the Yoga Journal Live! Conference in San Francisco. While we were there we outfitted an entire classroom (Seacliff A) with our industry leading woodgrain yoga tiles. It was a big success that we look forward to building on at the upcoming Minneapolis Yoga Conference and Yoga Journal’s next event in New York!

Stay Tuned and Keep Practicing

After just one or two practices you likely realize that yoga much more than a hobby to pick up on the weekends. It’s really a lifestyle that we are grateful to support, and we hope you’ll continue to explore with us as the year unfolds.  

In light,

– The Zebra Yoga Team